A solar lamp made in Uganda

Here on Ars Technica  is an impressive story about a very creative group of people trying to set up a business with a very very useful product for the Ugandan people – a solar lamp.

On the website  Indiegogo.com they have further details about the production process, the advantages of their lamp in comparison to kerosene lamps and have a fundraising campaign running so that they can improve the production process with a better machine.

Hamid Saeid – Bad Shans

Watched a documentary recently about the south of Iran and especially the town Bander Abbas and some of its musicians. Dingomaro, the title of the documentary is about the descendants of african slaves living in southern Iran and the remains of this culture nowadays only noticeable in certain musical styles or some religious rites.
Well, Hamid Saeid is one of these musicians trying to make a living in Bander Abbas and there is this video with this wonderful song “Bad Shans”.